Yasamin Landscaping & Garden Center

History Background

Yasamin Landscaping & Garden Center was established in 1990 as a subsidiary of Fahed Abujaber Farms (FAF), a well known & established agricultural family operation, with roots extending back to the mid of nineteenth century Trans Jordan.

Yasamin Landscaping was restructured in 1994 to expand its services with the aim to offer a wide range of products & services for projects & individuals.

Our Mission

Yasamin Landscaping's mission is to provide comprehensive & outstanding scope of agricultural landscaping & services for the Jordanian market.

In addition, to accomplish our mission we established strong association & cooperation ties with many local & international firms extensive expertise as well as excellent reputation in the landscaping as well as production field.


To name a few of our expertise:

  • Exotica S.A.L Lebanon
  • Piante Faro Sicily- Italy
  • Chiti Piante Pistoia- Italy
  • Sandro Bruschi Pistoia- Italy
  • Ermano Casasco / leading firm landscaping design Milano- Italy

Yasamin Landscaping has been an active member of the EJADA program (Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprise), which aimed to boost corporation between the Jordanian nurseries & the European nurseries.

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